Week 4 Assignment: Reading Annotations Submit Assignment

Lady sitting in a chair with a book

Annotation Worksheet Due Sunday by 11:59pm

This week you should start to read, if you haven’t already, the book you choose for the 1st 8 weeks.

  • For Heart Berries, this worksheet should include: “Indian Condition” through “In a Pecan Field” (pgs. 3-67)
  • For Persepolis, this worksheet should include: “The Veil” through “The Jewels” (Sections 1-12)
  • For Macbeth, this worksheet should include: Introduction + Act I
    • (For those working with Macbeth, here is a PowerPoint I have put together to help you with the text: Macbeth PowerPoint. If you do not have access to the Introduction of Macbeth, please use/read this one: MacbethIntro.pdf)

To receive full credit, please submit an annotation worksheet for your reading of “The Veil” all the way through “The Jewels”. You can submit separate annotation worksheets or one annotation worksheet for all the sections.

Here is the blank Annotation Worksheet template in both docx and pdf format.

Click here for the Annotation Worksheet Template in .docx format.

Click here for the the Annotation Worksheet Template in .pdf format.

Click here tor the Academic Summary Directions + Worksheet.

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