conduct an analysis of the current Department of Homeland Security

conduct an analysis of the current Department of Homeland Security (DHS) HOMELAND SECURITY QUADRENNIAL REVIEW (HSQR) BOTTOM UP REVIEW (BUR) THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY (DHS) FISCAL YEARS (FY)2014-2018 STRATEGIC PLAN(STRATPLAN) AND THE DHS FY 2015 BUDGET IN BRIEF(BIB)prepare a decision support paper. the paper provides a summary of the DHS strategic plan and budget priorities, identifies any agency or directorate priority misalignments, and provides recommendations for agency or directorate program priority alignment within the DHS stratplan, justification of all recommendations is required within the report

your report is a decision support paper and should be formatted as a formal report. the report should address the following items

purpose statement

background discussion

analysis methodology discussion

summary and finding of review for each specified document

homeland security quadrennial review (HSQR)

bottom up review

the department of homeland security fiscal years 2014-2018 strategic plan and the dhs fy 2015 budget in brief

provide any recommendations that you may have

references all source material and citations using APA 6th edition

use of the CTU graduate writing template is required

write in 3-4 page along with a cover page and conclusion

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