Describe the Ad

1. Take notes on what you see in the image, before attempting to construct sentences and build a paragraph.

2. Begin your description with what is most prominent–visually speaking–in the image. Whatever jumps out at your eyes first should probably be the first thing you describe.

3. Use spatial/locational terms–‘at the top,’ ‘on the left side,’ etc. Help your readers see the arrangement of the images by telling them where certain key elements are located.

4. Be detailed in your description–use adjectives (big, small, white, blue, etc.) but also choose verbs that will carry descriptive weight. Write “we see a woman punching her fist into the air” rather than “there is a woman with her arm in the air,” for example.

5. Be sure to tell the reader if there is text, and what it says (but be reasonable–if there is tiny type at the bottom that seems insignificant, leave it out).

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