EDU 673 W3 Instruct. strat. for Differentiated teach learn d2-1

When thinking about case studies and research projects, I think about the importance of reflection. I think we don’t use reflection time enough in our classrooms. Many of us are hurrying from one topic to the next, struggling to get through a day’s worth of instruction with the many interruptions and conflicts during the day. We know, though, from our understanding of the brain, that reflection (a three minute pause or some other given length) makes a huge difference in encoding information for later retrieval. Three minutes can be a long time, depending on the activity. Let’s talk about reflection, in general, how might you assess when it’s time to move on to the next activity? What might you look for? What might you say or do? What if some seem ready to move on and are getting wiggly and others are clearly not ready to move on?

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