Exploratory assignments

Exploratory assignments are
designed to give students the opportunity to further develop their reading and
writing skills in real-life settings/ situations. The assignment is worth 3
points, and the projects will lead students on different adventures.


View the following link of an
interview with author, Ishmael Beah:

(Copy/ paste into the webs browser)

addition, take a look at the additional resources available through the links
on this Homepage: http://faculty.ccbcmd.edu/cbc/cbc09_author.html
(Copy/ paste into the web browser)

the following questions using complete sentences:

In a paragraph (5 – 6 sentences),
describe how Ishmael Beah was victimized (i.e. a victim)? Please illustrate
your answer with at least three examples from his life.

After viewing the material on
Ishmael Beah’s life (view several, or all, of the links from the Homepage/
above), write three surprising facts you learned about Ishmael Beah and Sierra Leone?

View the following link:

Author and Sierra Leone
war refugee Ishmael Beah reads an excerpt from his book, A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier


Is this a book you might want to read? Why? Why

Is there an issue in your
community (i.e. Greenmount Ave.,
Edmonson Village,  Baltimore, Maryland, and/ or the United States) that you feel is
victimizing people, maybe even you? What is the issue? What can be done to
stop/ change it?

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