Individual Leadership Styles

Please answer question 1-9 use proper paraphrasing and references also cite and can you put the reference for each under the answer of each questions thank you.

As we have discussed in previous weeks, the specific style, scope, and skills of leadership will vary by individual, organization culture, and circumstances. For example, a company that is struggling to survive will need a different kind of leadership compared to what it will need during its period of ongoing success.

1.What can a leader do to determine the specific skills she/he will need for a specific moment in time? To what extent should an inventory of leadership skills be prioritized?

I think this is why it’s so important as a leader to really know the people who work for you; it will make it easier to prioritize as a leader as well as find ways to properly motivate them.”The skills we are reviewing can be considered critical to be effective transformational leaders. They require that we exercise interpersonal skills at a level that encourages people to expect more from themselves by honestly believing their leader’s vision. Consider this article on developing productive (work) relationships: BUILDING OUR LEADERSHIP SKILLS.

2.How useful and practical are the recommendations offered in the article to become a transformational leader? How do they relate to the definition of a transformational leader?

3.What role does creativity play in leadership and example.

4.In your opinion (or based on your experience), do certain characteristics and traits have a greater impact than others on a person’s leadership style? Explain your answer.

5.What is the impact of individual characteristics on behavior?

6.To what extent can a transformational leadership style excite employees to do what it takes to turn a company around? Is there a necessary balance between leading by relationship-building and using transactional characteristics to encourage workers to produce targeted results?

7.Describe the elements of charismatic leadership and example.

8.Describe the elements of transactional leadership and example.

9.Describe the elements of transformational leadership and its role in enacting organizational change.

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