I was wondering what is Google’s total return (market and Industry) from Market data? Also, what is Google’s Annual per share growth rates (revenue, cash flow, earnings, dividends, and book value) from under Projection 2018 and beyond for example 2021-2023?

-Can you please explain each answer in bullet point form and what sources you used. Here are some websites to help you find the answers: Morningstar,, Capital IQ, Simply WSJ, and NADAQ

Here is an example on how you should answer the question.

  • Projections (2018 and beyond for example 2021-2023)
  • Price/share

-The price per share of Google is $1114.91, as of 23rd of October 2018

  • Revenue /share

-The revenue per share of Google is $178.41, with a growth projection of 20% per annum

Thank you

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