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Moonwalking Mini Case

To PC or not to PC

MoonWalking Inc. is a successful company with several departments that utilize highly standardized computing tasks (like service call centers, data entry departments, and technical support desks).  The IT department (with and ever-shrinking budget) must maintain hundreds of PCs up and running with the latest software.  Mike J., is in a task force trying to determine aggressive ways to reduce IT costs.  One of his ideas is to eliminate 30% of the PCs in the company.  His main argument is that most people do not use the computing capabilities at their disposal and most of the time machines sit idle anyway.  He thinks that people could share resources and with fewer computers, the IT department would not need the same amount of personnel and could be “rightsized” and/or redeployed, providing the company with the needed cost reduction.  Eninem, also part of the task force, completely disagrees.  He thinks that the lack of computing capabilities will result in a conflict and as result in a substantial drop in productivity and at the end, the company will lose money.  What other alternatives should they consider?

At least 300 words.

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