Project-based Learning Article Search and Critique

Project-based Learning Article Search and Critique

On technology and education

  1. Locate a full-text, peer-reviewed journal article on project-based learning. I encourage you to find an article that has specific connection with ideas or areas of work that are of interest to you.
  1. Read the article. Create a PPT slide show (1-2 slides) to use as a guide in discussing the article you selected with the class. Remember, the purpose of the PPT slide show is to guide or enhance your discussion – not articulate it; hence, text should be used sparingly. Post your slide show to the “Project-based Learning Article Search and Critique” discussion forum available through Blackboard under “Discussions.” Include full citation information; if possible, make the article accessible to the class.
  1. The content of your in-class presentation should include an overview or summary of the article delineating the authors’ main research question(s), method(s), major finding(s), and conclusion(s).

(Other potential avenues of discussion may include the article’s social and educational implications, unanswered questions or directions for future research, quality of analysis, etc.)

  1. Be prepared to ask thoughtful questions and/or thoughtfully comment on at least two of your colleagues’ presentations.

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