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Every year, hundreds to thousands of reported injuries and deaths occur from vehicles backing up and colliding with a pedestrian [1]. Typically, these pedestrians are either small children or elderly. These accidents are typically extraordinarily traumatic accident (as the driver typically knows the victim quite well), there is a large push from the government [3] and the automotive industry to develop systems that will prevent these accidents from occurring.

Please write 2 pages comprising both functional and non-functional requirements for such a system, including a relevant introduction for each section. You should also find at minimum 2 relevant sources (and be sure to cite them in the bibliography). These sources should be accepted journal papers, conference proceedings, etc

Your critique will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Your requirements must cover the following points:
  • General system overview (what is it and how does it work – this part can be more elaborate in describing the overall functionality and objectives of the system)
  • Hardware required for your system to function
  • Software required for your system to function
  • Required quality measures
  • Any performance requirements your system must meet

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