Term identifications and short essay answers

This assignment is basically notes to study from for a test. No references needed and you can use whatever resources you need as long as you give the right identification for the term. Remember, no need for citation so this assignment should be easy.

In this document there are two parts,

the first part is a list of 21 terms that you need to identify briefly in a short answer. Make sure to mention the significance of the term and to use simple words that can be easy to memorize and to understand. There are 5 terms in tota retrieved from blogs such as AEI and Brookings.edu

The second part is a list of 7 topics that you need to write a short essay for each one of them explaining the topic and the significance of it. Simple explanations should also be used to make it easy to memorize. No need to paraphrase information from the internet. That would make it harder to study from.

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