the Fact Paper Genetically Modified Foods

the topic is Genetically
Modified Foods

Q1: Select a topic for your Fact Paper (after looking through the assignment sheet). In a reply post, brainstorm/free-write about your topic for 15 to 20 minutes. This will help immensely when you sit down to actually write the essay.

Consider these questions: Why did you pick this subject? Are you planning on showing it in a negative or positive light? Why? Is there a consensus opinion about this subject? Are you arguing for or against that consensus opinion? How will you conduct research on your topic? Etc. Identify an important, vivid moment to begin the essay and establish a frame for your argument. Whether you’re casting your subject in a positive or negative light, select a moment that illustrates this to the reader.

Q2: Locate and analyze three sources for your subject. List these entries.

Each entry should include the following three elements:

1) Bibliographic citation in MLA or APA format.…

2) A quick summary of the article/chapter/book’s main ideas (2-3 sentences). The goal is to identify the central point (or multiple points, if appropriate) of the source and put it into your own words.

3) An evaluation of the source’s quality, credibility, and usefulness to your project (2-3 sentences). What did you find most useful about this source? Any weaknesses? If it’s from a scholarly journal, the credibility may be apparent—but if it’s from a website, how does the source establish its credibility? How does the information you encountered here relate to your project? Do you know yet how you will use it?

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