Two Perspectives in Comparison


Please scroll down to read the instructions for this assignment.

This assignment will focus on your ability to articulate the perspectives discussed in your reading and research, this week. To complete the assignment, you will need to use the following template:

Perspectives in Comparison Assignment Template

Content Requirements

It is up to you to decide which topic to choose. You may want to discuss the overall topic for this week, which will allow you to rely heavily on the chapters you read (especially the comparative chapter), or you can choose a topic that was discussed within the context of the reading.

Your task is to choose two perspectives and outline or describe them. You must choose two opposing perspectives. Once you have described each perspective, use the middle area to discuss your insights, perspectives, and conclusions about the issue. Be sure to cite any sources you use (APA style)!


This has to be 2 pages at the most and it has to be in the format given in the link that in attached above. The topic can be something super easy. It doesn’t have to be deep. Something as simple as rap vs R&B. Please provide 2 references. 12 font Times New Roman. Due Sunday before 12:00 my time which is Eastern Standard Time.

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