beowulf questions, English homework help

Each response should be at least three sentences in length

1. Beowulf is a great warrior! How does the following passage indicate this? What specific information is provided?The
bravest and best of the Geats, fourteen / In all, and led them down to
their boat; / He knew the sea, would point the prow / Straight to that
distant Danish shore. . .

2. The following passage shows a sequence of events:
Then, when darkness had dropped, Grendel / Went up to Herot, wondering
what the warriors / Would do in that hall when their drinking was done. Why is Grendel going to Herot and when is he going? Do you find this sequence of events easy to follow? Why or why not?

3. In what ways does the following passage indicate the main conflict taking place?: .
. . A powerful monster, living down / In the darkness, growled in pain,
impatient / As day after day the music rang / Loud in that hall… What sort of difficulties does Grendel cause, and why would you say this is the “main” conflict?

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