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Discussion 2: “Creating Arguments” Please respond to the following:

·         Elaborate on the fundamental reasons why creating theory about public policy is more important than merely describing specific problem areas of such policy. Justify your response.

·         From the second e-Activity, use one (1) of the following types of arguments in order to defend or critique the notion that immigration reform is good for the U.S. economy:

o    Normative

o    Positive

o    Anecdote

o    Evidence


·         Watch the video titled “White House White Board: Why Immigration Reform Is Good For Our Economy”. (3 min 14 s). Be prepared to discuss. Video source: YouTube. (2013, July 11). From the Archives: President Obama Signs the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act [Video file]. This video can be viewed from within your online course shell.

minuim of 4 paragraphs of , 250 words or more that answers both parts of the question

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