Case Conceptualization

Please see the attached rubric for this assignment.

Outing the below:

  • Provide a brief introduction to your client, with demographic information (age, sex, marital status, employment status, and so on).
  • Provide other historical information that would be relevant from your theoretical perspective. For instance, if you are working from a family systems perspective, family of origin information;

Theoretical approach we are using is from a solution-focused perspective, history of problem-solving successes

  • What applications for both individual and group counseling are you using?
  • Provide goals for therapy
  • Provide a complete treatment plan
  • Provide a complete DSM diagnosis
  • Discuss processes planned for within sessions, techniques
  • Discuss ethical and legal issues
  • Discuss both multicultural and gender concerns and applications
  • Discuss psychological testing used or might be used (other assessment tools)
  • Provide a tentative prognosis

The task is to provide a clear, coherent, theoretically sound description of the client’s strengths, challenges, patterns, and current problems, as if you were communicating this information to a professional colleague consultant.

Imaginary Client Issue – lack of sexual drive wanting to be intimate with her partner. No history of cheating however the client has been stress with the potential of being laid off. Her company have been doing massive layoffs for the last 6 months and she believes her time is coming. Plus the fact that her company seems to be forcing her out by making her return to the office which has increased her commute to 1hr and 35mins oneway on a good day. She has been with this company for 20 years. She does have a college degree but just unclear of what to do. This is affecting her sex drive which is causing major issues within her 10 year relationship. Prior to these events happening she was very sexual, wanting to have sex atleast 3 times a week. Very experimental in the bedroom and free loving with her partner.

Is on high blood pressure medication but have been for over 10 years. Same meds no issues there. Otherwise healthy. Has never sought counseling before. Has a pretty social life. No family history of mental health or sexual dysfunction problems. She has proven problem solving ability and have been successful with them. She was a teenage mom who was able to raise twin boys on her own at the age of 15. She managed to graduate college and receive her bachelors degree in psychology. She has also has managed to take care of her special needs child on her own and deal with the many different issues that arise with his care while still excelling her in her career.

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