Drafting an Argumentative Essay

The purpose of this essay is to take a firm stance on an arguable concept within your topic of interest and to persuade your reader of your stance effectively via argument strategies and the integration of scholarly research.

To complete the assignment:

  1. Use your prewriting materials from the Unit 7 assignment (attached) and the feedback you received from your instructor to write a full, 3–4 page rough draft of your Argumentative Essay. (Page requirement does not include title page, references, or revision statement.) This draft will be graded and should be very carefully composed. Incorporate a variety of argumentative appeals: logic and reason; character, credibility, and ethical appeal; and emotion (logos, ethos, and pathos). Integrate rich information from your two scholarly, peer-reviewed library sources and from your own understanding of the topic.
  2. Integrate quoted and/or paraphrased information from both library articles throughout your essay. Incorporate source materials smoothly into your own paragraphs, fully citing the articles in-text and in an end References page in correct APA style.
  3. Format your draft in full and proper APA document style.
  4. Submit your assignment to the Turnitin source matching tool, and make any necessary revisions before submitting your final essay for grading.
  5. Submit the draft of your Argumentative Essay.

Argumentative Essay sample included

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