ECE355:W5 Understanding Behavior & Family Dynamics Final Assignment

Parenting Presentation

Parents often wish that a parenting manual came with their child.  Your
Final Project is to develop a PowerPoint presentation designed as a
comprehensive summary of the course.  The presentation will demonstrate
an understanding of philosophies, theories, and concepts learned and how
they apply to family relationships.  In a 12- to 14-slide PowerPoint
presentation (not including the title, purpose, and reference slides)
you will create a presentation to share with parents.  The Final Project
represents 20% of the overall course grade.

Focus of Final Project:

Create a PowerPoint Presentation for your early childhood education
center to share with new parents.  The presentation must include the

  1. Title slide
  2. Purpose (Objective) statement slide detailing the importance of positive parenting.
  3. APA style Reference slide with at least three scholarly sources
    and the course text.  Format your presentation according to APA as
    outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

In addition, include 12 to 14 slides that address the following:

  1. (Chapter One) List and explain three positive characteristics of
    mothering and/or fathering.  Explain how these characteristics will
    ultimately influence the child’s success in school.
  2. (Chapter Two) Choose two common toddler actions (suggestions:
    temper tantrums, “me do it,” potty training) and explain effective
    strategies to minimize the undesirable behavior.  Explain to parents how
    positive expectations can lessen the need for discipline.
  3. (Chapter Three) Explain how parents can help their adolescents deal with the common issue of bullying.
  4. (Chapter Four) Explain the difference between limited caretaking
    and involuntary caretaking in terms of the role of grandparents. 
    Describe the positive effects this relationship has on the grandchild. 
    Explain how parents can include grandparents as influences in their
    child’s life.
  5. (Chapter Five) Choose one of the following parenting models and
    explain why it is an appropriate choice: National Extension Parent
    Education Model, Partners for Fragile Families, and Growing Together. 
    Support your choice with evidence from the text or scholarly sources.
  6. (Chapter Six) Explain poverty and how it impacts both parents
    and children.  Describe to parents how you will support their child in
    the classroom.  Offer at least two outside resources to support your
  7. (Chapter Seven) List two negative effects of divorce and give
    parents examples of how they can counteract the negativity and support
    their children.
  8. (Chapter Eight) Choose two of the “Ten Strategies for Family,
    Parenting, and Work Balance” and use these two points to explain how a
    balanced life will enhance the lives of their children.
  9. (Chapter Nine) Choose and explain one high-risk factor and how
    this factor negatively affects the child.  Explain how parents can
    support their children.  Specifically illustrate how parents/educators
    can assist a child with unpredictable behavior at home or in the
  10. (Chapter Ten) Choose and explain one disability and explain
    specific ways for parents to support this child.  Describe to parents
    how you will include the child in all classroom activities and how you
    will educate their peers to be inclusive as well.
  11. (Chapter Eleven) Explain at least three suggestions for support
    for your parents of adopted children.  At least one suggestion must be a
    children’s book and an explanation of why you chose this book.
  12. (Chapter Twelve) Explain the positive effects of a quality
    childcare program.  Convince these parents that your program is the
    ideal childcare program for their child.
  13. Conclusion slide which includes a restatement of the opening
    thesis statement and how you will support the children while they are
    members of your classroom.  Explain to parents that your classroom is
    tolerant, supportive, and encouraging to all families.

Students should creatively address the material including graphics,
visuals, charts, graphs, and/or sound.  Slides should be designed to
clearly and concisely address the material.  The PowerPoint presentation
must be formatted according to APA style; include the title and
reference slides and cite within slides when appropriate.  The notes
section of the PowerPoint must be utilized to expand on the students’
presented points.  The notes section should also include any additional
information necessary to explain or show the students’ point of view. 
Students must use at least three scholarly sources and the course text. 
The Final Project will contribute to 20% of the course grade.

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