Modern Workplace Expectations

Each chosen profession will have unique expectations which are important to both
employee and employer. Professionals are looking for ways to preserve the
environment or go “green” in their work environment. Along with this they are
required to adhere to safety factors using Occupational Safety and Health
Administration (OSHA) standards that your particular career must follow.

Assignment Instructions

Find an article of your choice that discusses what you can do to stay current on
OSHA standards or the Green movement. How will this help you to progress
professionally? Write a 3-page article review following the Assignment format

Assignment Format

  • Cover page that includes your name, course, section number, date, and the
    Assignment title
  • One page summary of the article information
  • One page discussing your personal views of the subject matter and how it can
    help you progress as a professional
  • Proper APA citation of the article

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