Need help to write Assignment 3: Guide to Living and Working in a Segment of US culture

It’s a PowerPoint presentation so about 5 slides no more than 10

Assignment 3: Guide to Living and Working in
a Segment of US culture

Related Course Outcome.

Assignment 3 addresses the course outcome that students
should: “demonstrate knowledge of theoretical frameworks to explain cultural
differences and world views.” 


 Imagine that your group (family, work group, etc.),
living in the United States will host a visitor from a vastly different
culture. The adult visitor (select their gender; assign an age close to
yours) arrives in the US city the first week in December and will remain for
one month, perhaps traveling to Washington, DC and New York City. The visitor
is fluent in the English language, but unfamiliar with the concept of
culture.  Your job is to explain to him/her what you believe are the
most important cultural “rules” of the United States. For example, how should
he/she act (non-verbally and verbally) when she/he meets people? What rituals
or customs might he/she observe? What sub-groups might she/he
encounter?  Prepare a PowerPoint type, didactic document. 

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