psy assignment

I need help at least 250 word, must be in apa format and provide examples and references. 

1. Three impediments to problem solving are discussed in this module:
functional fixedness, mental set, and confirmation bias. Choose one
impediment and explain, in detail, how you have utilized and been
impacted by this impediment. Discuss three strategies you can
employ to counteract the impediment that you chose. 

2. Do you think the Internet’s influence on people’s thinking and
intelligence has been more positive or more negative? What about its
influence on language development? Explain your answer. 

3. While scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed you come across the
posting of a close friend who is pregnant. She posts the following
status: “Just having a glass of wine to relax…no big deal.” What
information would you want to convey to her based on your reading
about intellectual disabilities? 

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