Reading and Summarizing Empirical Research Articles, psychology homework help

For this module, you are going to be reading and summarizing empirical research articles. An empirical
study is a study in which the results are based on evidence, not just theory, and typically contains a clear
hypothesis, a scientific experiment or observation, and data generation.

Most empirical articles begin with an abstract. An abstract is a brief (usually 120 words or less),
comprehensive summary of the study. The next section of the article is the introduction. The
introduction offers a review of the current study’s background, introduces the study question (Why is
this question important? How does it relate to previous findings?), and states the current study’s
purpose and rationale. The introduction is usually followed by the method section. The methods section
describes how the study was conducted, and is often divided into subsections of (1) Participants’ (2)
Measures; and (3) Procedure. Next is the results section. The results section discusses statistical
procedures, summarizes collected data, and often includes tables, charts and figures. Last is the
discussion section. This section evaluates and interprets implications of the results, discusses the
importance of the findings, discloses and limitations of the study, and lays out directions for future
research in the area.

I have posted 3 empirical research articles for you on Canvas. I want you to read each one, and write a
summary of each one. Please summarize each article separately, and each summary should be no less
than 2 pages and no more than 3 pages in length (Typed, double-spaced, 12ptfont, 1 inch margins). The
summaries must be uploaded on Canvas.

• The first part of your write-up for each article should be the actual summary of the article.

includes information like:

o Why the researchers felt that the study was necessary and what their hypotheses were at the
start of the study

o A description of the participants and how study was conducted, including materials used

o Results of the study; not necessarily the statistics but in your own words what the authors

o What the authors describe as limitations of the study and recommendations for future

• The second part of your write-up for each article is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of
the article.

o This is your own opinion.
o Use specific examples to support your opinion.

o Include ideas you have to improve such a study for the future. What could the next steps be
for this type of research?

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