assignments 4

Textbook reading assignments: Chapter 2, Reading for the Central Idea, Pages 41-61

I. After reading the following articles, write a sentence that briefly summarizes the central idea for each.

Jailbreak Marriage – Gail Sheehy, Pages 46-48

How to Stay Alive – Art Hoppe, Pages 48-49

II. After reading the following essays:

a. Underline or highlight the thesis statement and topic sentence.

b. Re-read and annotate each reading for important points.

Ordinary People Produce Extraordinary Results – Paul Rogart Loeb, Pages 53-56

Not-So–So Secret Media: Why People Have Stopped Talking On Phones – Alan Greenblatt, Pages 56-59

Killing Women: A Pop-Music Tradition – John Tradition, Pages 59-61

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