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  1. Since Writing Assignments 3 and 4 are the research project when put together, their collective
    purpose is to give you additional practice in library research, source analysis, and literary
    analysis. By writing this essay, you will:

    • become closely familiar with the compare/contrast rhetorical method of writing because you
      will take course in analyzing the similar and differing elements in literature as you determine the
      strength with which each element is used
    • further develop your skills for writing a clear thesis statement with a plan of development
    • organize your ideas either subject-by-subject or point-by-point
    • support your claims with directly quoted, paraphrased, and/or summarized material from two
      primary sources (two short stories) and six secondary sources (literary criticisms, overviews,
      forewords, abstracts, dissertations, biographical sources)
    • express yourself clearly and concisely
    • continue to adopt the MLA style when formatting your document and when citing your sources,
      both parenthetically and on a Works Cited.
    • revise then editing your draft carefully

What you must do for WA4:

With all


preparation, you are now

ready to complete the r

research project

by writing your

comparative analysis essay. In this essay you will use the two Flannery O’

Connor short stories as

your primary sources, and you will use your


secondary sources, each at least once to further

your argument.

The following are

9 important guidelines for students to follow

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