Complete Business Development Assignment

Please review the following before submitting your Training Project:

  • Training Project Guidelines (attached)
  • Two Examples (attached)
  • Training Project Grading Rubric (Go to Assessments, Rubrics, and click the down arrow next to the name to select the Preview mode.)

Remember, you already started this document in Module 4, so you have the title page and introduction done. Be sure to make any corrections based on my recommendations in the gradebook.

Attach your completed Training Project document below as a .doc or .docx file by the deadline in MODULE 6.

After it is attached, please check to make sure that it opens correctly.

Once your document is submitted, you should be able to see the originality status of your work. Feel free to edit the document to remove any instances of plagiarism and resubmit (before the deadline). The latest submission is the one that will be graded.

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