Defining and describing transformational leadership, assignment help

Addressing Theme 1 by:
1. Defining and describing transformational leadership.
2. Analyzing the article 5 Myths of Leadership, describing one myth you agree with and defending your reason; and describing one myth you disagree with and defending your reason (by this point you should realize that even if you do not necessarily agree or disagree, you will be forced to do both in this element!).
Addressing Theme 2 by:
1. Describing what it means to lead with authority.
2. Describing what it means to lead with influence.
3. Comparing and contrasting leading with authority and leading with influence (how are they similar; how are they different; how can they work together?).
Presenting your respective case:
Describing three reasons why transformational leaders can or cannot influence without authority. You are making the case that transformational leaders can influence without authority;
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