group presentation: Leadership Is Communication

Group presentation:

Each member of the group must come up with the a question based on the chapter which is chapter 2 of the book each member will be responsible for conducting two interviews with two individuals; the interviewees may include your course mates and peers from different workplaces and organizations.

come up with one question that is based on the chapter and I will be providing my peers questions so that there won’t be any duplication with the questions

Group member’s questions:

  1. How can difficult times positively affect leadership communication? (Needs Answer)
  2. What are some positive cultural traits that you feel leaders would want their company to be associated with? (Needs answer)
  3. Do you think that investors/stakeholders’ perceptions are dependent on the company’s level of communication with their stakeholders?

My part should be from 3 to 4 minutes of presenting and I would like notes of what I should say in each slide.

REQUIRED TEXT Harrison, E.B., & Muhlberg, J. (2014). Leadership Communication: How Leaders Communicate and How Communicators Lead in Today’s Enterprise. New York, NY: Business Expert Press, LLC.

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