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Using the article by Beauvais, Steward, DeNisco, and Beauvais (2014), prepare a written analysis that addresses the following:

  • Determine
    the general strengths and weaknesses of correlational designs. Based on
    your findings, identify the strengths and weaknesses of this particular
  • Explain when a correlational design is most useful in an
    educational setting, and summarize whether this is an appropriate use
    of a correlational design in this study. Explain why, and if it is not,
    recommend a more accurate research design.
  • Identify and explain
    the types of problems correlational designs could best address.
    Determine if this study’s problem is best addressed by a correlational
  • Review the research question being asked in this study,
    and then provide a sample research question corresponding to a different
    hypothetical correlational design.

Support your assignment
with at least this scholarly resource. In addition to these specified
resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older
articles, may be included.

Length: 5-7 pages, not including title and reference pages

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