Individual Reflection Short Paper on Your Team Experience and Company

Write your reflections on your team experience (>200 words) and your team company (>200 words) but do not have both parts more than 500 words total. Submit below.Think about what you learned about team dynamics, team dysfunctions, team leadership or anything else related to being on your team. You can also reflect upon the team checkpoints, the team presentation preparation and other elements of your team process.Then reflect on what you learned about your company and related class concepts that were helpful to YOU. What was interesting that you want to explore more? Did you talk to someone in the company and learn about how the company functioned that was different than what your research showed? DO NOT rehash what was stated in the presentation. This is where you should show what YOU processed and thought about the company, especially if you talked to someone who worked there.If your writing is weak, has a number of errors and your reflection shows very surface thinking that could apply to any team member, you will lose points.

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