mini porosal


Your instructor may require you to upload your mini-proposal to a Google Web site. Your instructor may require you to create a Google Web site.

Your instructor will give you specific instructions about creating a Google Web site, if necessary.

Directions: Before you start this assignment, make sure that you have read the chapter in your textbook about writing proposals. Also, view the model proposal on Blackboard. This assignment requires you to write an external or internal mini-proposal and deliver an oral presentation. This proposal is 20% of your grade, and the oral presentation is 20% of your grade. Find a group (no more than three per group), and choose a topic (below). Also, read the additional requirements (below).



Write a mini-proposal to change some feature of a school you attend or have attended.


Write a mini-proposal to change or improve an aspect of your company. For example, ask the business department to build an exercise room in your office building.

LENGTH: Your proposal must be four to eight pages long.

COMPONENTS: In addition to the body of the proposal, you must have a cover page, an abstract, a conclusion, a table of contents, a works cited page, a glossary, and a graphics/illustration page. Make sure that you use a footer to number your pages (for example, Page 1 of 4). Proposals are formal, so write in third person p.o.v. Use the ABC format to write your proposal.

On your graphics page, you’ll need to create a graph or table depicting a before and after results of your proposal. You’ll need to determine the best graph for your proposal.

RESEARCH: You’ll need to cite two sources throughout your proposal. Use GALILEO to find your sources. The sources you choose must have authors.

SUBMISSION: The instructor will tell you how to submit your proposal to be graded.

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