Strategic Planning Powerpoint Slides

I need a few powerpoint slides for 2 companies. The first slide would be on Credit Acceptance Instructions are below:

You will perform a SWOT analysis for your target company-Credit Acceptance-1 slide only

Create a single PowerPoint slide that shows

  • Company Name
  • Company web address
  • Company industry
  • SWOT analysis in a four-box format
    • Upper Left box – Strengths: Internal positives the company can build on
    • Upper Right Box – Weaknesses: Internal negatives the company must improve
    • Lower Left Box – Opportunities: External items the company can capitalize on give their state of resources
    • Lower Right Box – Threats: External items that competitors can capitalize on that the company must defend against

    Starbucks-2 slides

  • Please submit your slide with the plain white, default template, as well as your reference slide; please also include talking points in the notes section of each slide.
  • Create a profile of the current CEO including the following:
    • Background and accomplishments
    • Education and educational experiences
    • Length of time in the current position
    • Major career accomplishments
    • Leadership and management styles
    • Vision for the company
    • Innovative accomplishments — Joselyn

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