Thinking about Managers and Leaders

  • Identify a manager or leader within your current or past employment.
  • Think about them in terms of the following areas:
    • What is the difference between a leader and a manager?
    • Techniques they use(d) to manage and lead their employees
    • What are (were) their best managing and leadership skills
    • Strategies they use(d ) to motivate their employees
    • How effective were they as a leader or manager and why do you think that?
    • What characteristics do they have that you would like to emulate and what do you not want to emulate and why?
  • Write a paper of approximately 3 pages on the following topics using your thoughts from the areas above.
    • Importance and impact of good leadership and management skills
    • Key strategies used to lead and manage various types of employees
    • The application of the insights learned within the following environments:
      • Your current field of study
      • Your current employment

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