Week 11 Discussion 2- Stacey White

Propose an alternative policy suggestion for one of the criminal
justice policy development agencies. Please reply to Stacey as if you
are having a conversation with her

Since the inception of the criminal
justice system in the United States there has always been in function at
three branches, or organizations within the system. They consist of
enforcement, judiciary and corrections. In the early days enforcement
was a sheriff’s office or state enforcement agency, but as America grew
so did the need to organize local enforcement entities. The judiciary of
the early days was also a regional type of judiciary until developments
in society called for county and even municipal judicial organizations
to handle crimes not normally overseen by the federal system. Then there
is corrections, from the early days of stockades to the current day
corrections systems, all with the duty to incarcerate and ensure
punishment handed down by the judiciary was carried out (Neubauer,

As the necessities to expand with the population of the United States
also gave cause for expansion of these systems, and with them the cost
of those expansions, which in turn would cause budgetary concerns which
governments would have to give considerable thought to in order to see
the services don’t falter.

My level of the machine is the Chief of Police of a municipality of
about 12,000 people which the jurisdiction happens to be withing two
separate counties, Grady and McClain Counties, in Oklahoma. I have the
responsibility of handling the budget for a total of 30 employees, to
include the 911 center, patrol, investigative and administrative
divisions, which includes the municipal jail. The U.S. Criminal Justice
System has a direct impact on how my department is funded, as well as
regulatory authority over my jail and 911 communications system. Any
violations in policy can result in the shutting down of my system, or
removal of any federal or state funding which supports the operations of
my agency. My department has benefited from nearly $285,000.00 in
federal grants in the last 3.5 years I’ve been the Chief of Police.

Since 911 the transfer of information has improved greatly from
federal, to state, to district and to municipal governments, by way of
the world wide web, telecommunication systems, both wired and satellite
communications. Most of the funding through local governments like mine
could not be successful without assistance from federal and state
governments (Modlin, 2018). The largest contributor to policies in the
criminal justice system is the Department of Justice, through
implementing regulations and funding for operations of local and state
agencies (Neubauer, 2018).

For critical data from we have today what’s called fusion center
alerts which are sent out through text messages, emails and teletype, a
remarkable advance since the early days of my career in law enforcement.
Through these methods of communications we get alerts like Amber
Alerts, Silver Alerts and data about terror threats and local crimes and

Without these new policies our nation would be routinely victimized
by groups who want to do us harm, just like it was before 911.


Modlin, S. (2018). Local Government Finance Office Orientation Revisited: Actually, It’s All About Control. International Journal of Public Administration, 1-10.

Neubauer, D. W., & Fradella, H. F. (2018). America’s courts and the criminal justice system. Cengage Learning.

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