4 full pages

4 full pages political and historical

(explore an issues effect on govt decisions and consider the backgroundfor Obama president library )

Here is the whole project, but my 4 pages are political and historical!!!!! just political and historical !!!!!! 2 or more citation.

The upcoming development of the Obama Presidential Library and the work of its foundation have raised considerable discourse in the Chicago land area. There are three targeted communities that will be impacted by this initiative and the geographical changes that will result from the library development in concert with economic development opportunities and/or challenges that are proposed. These communities are Woodlawn, South Shore and Washington Park.

There are concerns regarding this initiative that touch on issues such as housing, plausible gentrification of these communities and what the downside as well as upshot of economic development can mean for people who live in the communities—particularly people in lower income brackets.

A new organization, Emerald South Economic Development Collaborative (https://www.emeraldsouth.org/) has been developed to work with the communities.

This option is experientially designed to have you do the following:

Research via the Internet issues that have been raised by community members and identify what are the concerns being raised by some of the community organizations. Research the responses from the Obama Foundation to gain their perspectives.

Juxtapose their issue against the goals of the Presidential Center and provide your team’s reaction to these articulated issues from a lens of social responsibility and ethics.

Provide your perspectives—are these real issues and if so, what are the social responsibility and ethical actions that can or should be taken? To gain a more in depth understanding, look at the historical context of the three communities.

Justify your perspectives and reasoned positions with your review of the literature, again remembering the number of journal articles you are minimally supposed to read.

Look at the makeup of the board for the Emerald South Economic Development Collaborative and provide your perspectives on the makeup of that board from the lens of equity and inclusion.

Last, but not least, summarize your findings and what your team proposes should be strategies that benefit the project, the people and the future of those communities. Again, support your propositions again with a reference to the literature.

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