I need 5 different reports on published researches 3 pages each “listing form” (not long)

documents below explain step by step on how to do the assignment

your are required to write 5 different reports using 5 different articles from the journal Psychological Science in the format mentioned below

Find an article from the journal Psychological Science. Be sure to choose a research article in which there are clearly labeled sections called “Method,” “Results,” and “Discussion.” In other words, avoid review articles which talk about a topic of research rather than report on research. Also, be sure to choose an article that is manage able, that you can understand, and that is interesting to you.

Type your report , in the following format, using the headings listed in the following guidelines:

a.Title of the article

b. Authors and their affiliations (where they do their research)

c. Name, volume, number (if there is one) and page numbers of the journal in which article is published

d. Hypothesis You can usually find a statement of the hypothesis near the end of the Introduction section of the article. The hypothesis statement will begin something like “In experiment 1 we tested whether….” Or “The purpose of this experiment was to test whether…” or you may find it in the form a question.

e. Method Describe briefly, in your own words, the procedure used in the study, the participants, and any special equipment, scales, or questionnaires used.

f. Results Find a description of the results in the first few sentences of the “Discussion” section which follows the “Results” section in a typical article. Give a brief description of the findings and how the researchers interpreted their findings.

g. Relevance of the findings Write a couple sentences describing what you think is the relevance of the findings. How does the research add to our understanding of behavior and mental processes? Also offer any criticism you might have of the study.

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