reading reflections 108

Reading Reflection Instructions:


Please use 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins on all sides, double-spaced. Please use the header

template on the page below. (250 Words Minimum)


Assignments should focus on demonstrating your understanding of readings by putting course materials in conversation with your growing knowledge Ethnography. They should NOT simply summarize the readings.

Demonstrate your analytic interpretation of, and engagement with, these topics. In order to achieve full credit, strong reflections should work toward critiquing, synthesizing, and applying knowledge gained each week.

You may consider writing about:

  • – How the theoretical claims and examples fit into your ethnographic project?
  • – What was the author’s/authors’ argument and what is your stance?
  • – How do these readings inform current events? (News, Media, Culture, Etc.)

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