In this assignment, you will develop a learning and development program to improve

the skills of a team. You will produce this assignment after determining the development needs in assignment 1.

1. Develop a short training program to be distributed to the team. (your 10 respondents from question 5 in assignment 1)

2. Using the website identify 5 courses that your team can undertake for them to close the identified gap from question 5 in assignment 1.

3. Develop a learning plan that addresses the gaps identified in assignment 1.

Your learning plan must include:

 Outline 4 goals for the training to achieve

 5 formal courses identified in question 2

 2 scheduled opportunities for learning within the workplace

 scheduled coaching and mentoring sessions

 a list of 4 resources required for completing in the training

 Timelines for completing the required development

4. Provide a supporting statement to your lecturer as to why these 5 courses will support the development of your team, you must discuss how each of these courses will be appropriate for

 The learning goal of the team

 The learning style of the participants

 The available resources and equipment

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