Lillian Oetting (1960), law homework help

For full points, address the key concepts, make specific comments on
the example in the case study, and add your own insightful comments.
Your response also needs to include factual support from the assigned
reading. Pages 43-53.…

Review the Case Study and the information on investigating crime
scenes in the chapter. Then explain how evidence obtained at a crime
scene is crucial to a successful case.

Lillian Oetting (1960)

Three Chicago socialites were murdered in Starved Rock
State Park, Illinois. All three women had fractured skulls. Their
bodies, bound with twine, were found in a cave. Near the bodies of the
women, a bloodied tree limb was found and considered to be the murder
weapon. Because all three women had been staying at a nearby lodge, the
staff of the lodge was questioned. Chester Weger, a 21-year-old
dishwasher at the lodge, was asked about a blood stain on his coat. He
said it was animal blood. He agreed to take a lie detector test and
passed it. He was requestioned and took a second lie detector test and
passed it as well. The blood was examined by the state crime lab and
found to be animal blood as Weger had indicated at question- ing. The
case reached a dead end. Investigators decided to revisit the evidence.
The rope used to bind the women was examined more carefully. It was
found to be 20-stranded twine sold only at Starved Rock State Park.
Identical twine was found in an area accessible to Weger. He again
became a prime suspect. The blood on his coat was reexamined by the FBI
Crime Lab and found to be human and compatible with the blood of one of
the victims. Weger submitted to another lie detector test and failed it.
Weger was found guilty for the murder of one of the women, Lillian
Oetting, and has spent more than 45 years in prison. He recently
petitioned the Governor of Illinois for clemency, saying he was beaten
and tortured into making the confession. He still maintains his

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