Message 1 Application or Resume Follow Up Message

Message 1: Application or Resume Follow Up Message

Background: Assume that two weeks ago, you applied for an internship position with the company you researched for the Oral Presentation Assignment. You have not heard back from the company yet, but you are still very much interested in an internship opportunity with them.

Task: Write an email message in which you express your continued interest in the position.

Message 2: Interview Thank You Letter

Background: Assume that you received an interview invitation from the desired internship company. You attended an interview today. Write an interview thank you letter in which you thank the interviewer, mention topics discussed in the interview, and remind him/her of some of your strong points. Task: Compose an interview thank you letter. Make up any necessary detail needed to complete the letter.

Message 3: Interview Follow-Up Message

Background: Approximately five days have passed since you sent your interview thank you letter. You have not heard from the company. You are still interested in the position.

Task: Compose a follow-up e-mail message in which you ask about the status of the company’s hiring decision.

Message 4: Rejection Follow-Up Message

Background: Unfortunately, the company decided to hire another applicant for the position and sent you a bad news letter in which it shared the decision with you. You are very disappointed.

Task: Write a rejection follow-up letter in which you thank the company for considering you for the position. Also tell the company you’d be interested in future openings.

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