Research Log: Entry 2(Use Same References From Updated Robotic Review File For Entry 2)

For this module week, create a new entry to your research log (for week 2) and enter

each reference you found relating to design processes and tools (at least five from

Independent Design Project Literature Review). Place these references in alphabetical

order, in the proper current APA format, with a brief description of the resource and its


Be sure to keep these files for use when you complete your final design project. You will

need to add any applicable items from these logs to your final project. The citations

should reflect appropriate graduate-level materials, taken from peer-reviewed

publications, government reports, and other materials found using the ERAU Hunt

Library ( EAGLEsearch (Links to an external site.) ) or other appropriate search engines

(e.g., Google Scholar); do not use materials from Wikipedia or HowStuffWorks, as these

are not appropriate research and reference materials

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