Strategic Plan Part 2: SWOT Analysis Paper and Written Review Analysis

I am needing some help on a two-part assignment for a very difficult business integrated course that I have. Here is the first part:

Conduct an internal and external environmental analysis, and a supply chain analysis for your proposed new division and its business model. (Ride Aid Corporation’s Health Club, paper attached below regarding it).

Create a SWOT table summarizing your findings. Your environmental analysis should consider, at a minimum, the following factors. For each factor, identify the one primary strength, weakness, opportunity, threat, and trend, and include it in your table.

External forces and trends considerations:

  • Legal and regulatory
  • Global
  • Economic
  • Technological
  • Innovation
  • Social
  • Environmental
  • Competitive analysis

Internal forces and trends considerations:

  • Strategy
  • Structures
  • Processes and systems
  • Resources
  • Goals
  • Strategic capabilities
  • Culture
  • Technologies
  • Innovations
  • Intellectual property
  • Leadership

Write a synopsis of no more than 1,050 words in which you analyze relevant forces and trends from the list above. Your analysis must include the following:

  • Identify economic, legal, and regulatory forces and trends.
  • Critique how well the organization adapts to change.
  • Analyze and explain the supply chain of the new division of the existing business. Share your plans to develop and leverage core competencies and resources within the supply chain in an effort to make a positive impact on the business model and the various stakeholders.

Identify issues and/or opportunities:

  • Identify the major issues and/or opportunities that the company faces based on your analysis.
  • Generate a hypothesis surrounding each issue and research questions to use for conducting analysis.
  • Identify the circumstances surrounding each issue; classify the circumstances; attribute the importance of each classification; and test the accuracy of the importance for each classification.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines and include APA citations and a reference page that has web links of the sources used for this research.

Side Note: Attached is my Strategic Plan Part 1 paper that was based on a new service for the Rite Aid Corporation that I have to use and continue over in research for this Strategic Plan Part 2 essay. My professor also has noted that he deducts points off if we happen to go over 25% the total maximum word count required, so for this essay in all, no more than 1,313 words total (1,050 x 0.25 = 262.5 or 263 rounded up).

Second part of this assignment: Write a synopsis of no more than 350 words summarizing what you have learned from the “Strategic Plan Part 1: New Product or Service” paper written up in Week 2 (which is attached and posted) and what could possibly be expanded upon better.

Side Note: This particular assignment has to be a review based on my paper written in Week 2 that is attached “Strategic Plan Part 1: New Product or Service”, not the review of this current research assignment, and according to my professor, will deduct points off if we go over 25% maximum total word count, so no more than 438 words total (350 x 0.25 = 87.5 or 88 when rounded up).

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