The student is expected to be thorough and thoughtful as they prepare and write answers to these questions?

1. As we enter the business world, our job as a manager is to become more ‘leader-like’ and motivate our employees. Motivation is the primary tool that leaders use to get the most out of their employees. Please discuss how a manager becomes a better motivator? Is it the job of a manager to make you happy? (Please make sure that you review and incorporate 2 motivational theories in your essay).

3. Please discuss the difference between being a leader and being a manager.

4. Most of us have to work for a living, and our job is a central part of our lives. Given this fact, why do managers need to worry about motivation? People need the job and are selfmotivated. Please discuss.

5. Companies will spend many hours planning. They will plan for new products, expansion, customer service, employee development etc. Everything must be planned. However, not all of our plans run smoothly. Many plans do not work, and in fact, they cause more damage. Companies will install systems of controls to help catch problems before and as they are happing. With all of this planning and controlling, how do companies fail? What are some of the signs that a company lacks the effective controls? Discuss some strategies that might be used to help a company install better organizational control.

6. Our management class has outlined a series of tools, techniques, theories, etc. as to help you become a better manager and build a better business. Please discuss what can be done as a manager to build a superior company?

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