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The use of technology within health care facilities is increasing on a daily bases. As the use of technology increases, improved health care delivery and safety of patients is also being improved. There include several ways that my organization use to make use of the technology and to ensure that improved quality has been realized. They include the use of alerts, computerized physician order entry, patient engagement tools, and Automated and self-populating templates.

Alerts are used as a means to warn health care providers. The organization has developed a managed system to manage the alerts. This has ensured that levels of importance have been established and patient safety has been categorized as a priority. The use of computerized physician order entry, on the other hand, has helped in improving legibility, order processing time, lowered the risk of medical errors and raised safety concern issues (Gardner, Boyer, & Gray, 2015). Another important aspect to note about the use of order entry is that better workflow of the health care providers is given. With this overall improvement is attained.

The use of patient engagement tools within the organization has also helped in that patients are able to provide vulnerable information. This information helps in ensuring that correct treatment is given to the patient. With these tools patients also feel comfortable with the provision of the information as their privacy is not invaded in any way (Torous & Baker, 2016). With the use of automated and self- populating templates has also proved to be of help as it helps in saving time used in recording patients information. Health IT has become an integral part and it has proved to be beneficial. The organization management though must make considerations of what they would like to make use of to ensure that they have achieved improved quality.


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