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Week 4 Forum: Structuring Essay #2

Forum Goal: Create an outline to help you structure the second essay, including one reference from the APUS library.

Week 3, you chose a topic for your next essay. You wrote about your
topic, and many of you received feedback from your classmates regarding
directions you might be able to take your paper.

review the instructions from the first essay. You took your word to
define and began to plan how you would explore this definition; the
document “SampleEssay1Sakai” offered you an outline to follow as you

instance, our example was “liberty.” To explain liberty, we used Roman
numerals for each major point, and then a, b, and c for how you would
explain this item.

the Week 4 Forum, you will now structure your next essay. Here’s where
the “meat” of your argument goes: what will the body paragraphs look
like, and why? What material will strengthen the points you want to
make? Use this opportunity to explore the library to see what
information you plan to use and cite what you find.

Include one reference in proper MLA format that you have found from the APUS Library to support your topic.

the topic from week 3 is including. thank you very much. I’m out of town due to my mother having another stroke

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