Disruptive Technology: Netflix Case Study, writing homework help

review this week’s Learning Resources concerning disruptive technology
and disruptive innovation. Read the case study “The Rise and Fall of
Netflix: What Happened and Where Will It Go From Here?” and consider
Netflix’s role as a disruptive innovation or technology that is now
being threatened by the disruptive technology of its competitors.
Netflix’s leaders are facing many challenges as they consider the global
market. Put yourself in the intern Chris’s position, and think about
how you, as a global change agent, would advise the company’s leaders.

  • Summarize the challenges Netflix is facing, as detailed in the case study.
  • Evaluate whether disruptive technology has a primarily positive or negative impact on Netflix’s challenges. Provide a rationale.
  • In line with your argument, identify whom disruptive technology benefits and whom it adversely affects.
  • Develop two strategies for either surviving or taking advantage of disruptive technology.
  • Support your post with data and information from the
    Learning Resources and at least one peer-reviewed article or journal of
    your choice.

Be sure to support your work with a minimum of two specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and one or more additional scholarly sources. ONE PAGE!

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