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As discussed in the lecture, typically, we distinguish 4 roles of the observer in field research: complete observer, observer as participant, participant as observer, and complete participant. Using the example in the video provided (“Example of Field Research“) under the Discussion Board header, along with the lectures and chapter readings, answer the following questions:

  • What role of the observer do you think the researcher was engaging in? Why? Be sure to back up your stance with evidence.
  • When he was talking to the camera, what was he accomplishing using “methods language”? (Using the methodological term – explain the reason he was talking to the camera)
  • The researcher indicated he was combining field research with another method. What was this other method? Why was he also using it? Do you think combining methods will make his study stronger? More valid? More comprehensive? Why or why not? Be sure to back up your stance with evidence.
  • Are there any ethical concerns to collecting data in the manner that was shown in the video? Do you think an IRB would approve such data collection methods? Why or why not?

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