research on the capital structure of your four companies.

For your final SLP, you will be doing some
research on the capital structure of your four companies. You will also
be doing an overall assessment of these four companies based on the
research you did for your Module 1-4 SLPs.

Write a two page paper addressing the following issues:

Go to or a similar page and
find the long-term debt to total equity and the total debt to equity
ratios for your four companies. should also give you the
industry averages for these ratios. Based on
these ratios, do your four companies have a greater relative debt load
than the average of their industry? Do any of them seem at risk for

How does the debt ratios align with the
credit ratings you found for your Module 2 SLP or the beta that you
found for your Module 3 SLP? Do the companies with higher debt ratios
have lower credit ratings or larger betas, and do
the companies with lower debt ratios have higher credit ratings and
lower betas?

Finally, what is your overall assessment
of your four companies based on your research for your Modules 1-4 SLPs?
Which ones do you think are good investments based on your research?
Which companies do you think are bad investments?
Rank your four companies from best to worst investment. This part of
the assignment should be at least one page.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Answer the assignment questions directly.

Stay focused on the precise assignment
questions. Do not go off on tangents or devote a lot of space to
summarizing general background materials.

For computational problems, make sure to show your work and explain your steps.

For short answer/short essay questions,
make sure to reference your sources of information with both a
bibliography and in-text citations. See the Student Guide to Writing a
High-Quality Academic Paper, including pages 11-14 on
in-text citations.


The fundamental reference for all four
SLP assignments is the Continuous Process Improvement Transformation
Guidebook. You should acquaint yourself with its contents before
beginning the first SLP, refer to it throughout the course,
and cite relevant portions as you prepare each SLP assignment.

This SLP assignment concludes the
analysis of the process described in the SLP assignments in Modules 1,
2, and 3. For this assignment, please write an essay describing:

The data that should be gathered before, during, and after the improvement initiative.

How the data should be collected.

What criteria should be applied to determine whether the intended improvements are working as intended.

SLP Assignment Expectations

There are no page limits. Write what you
need to write, neither more nor less. Make each sentence count! (Having
said that; it’s unlikely that one page would be enough, and very likely
that eight pages would be too much.)

Ensure that your answer reflects your detailed understanding of the theory and techniques taught in this module.

References and citations are required.
This requirement can be satisfied by citing the module Home page, and
(for the SLP) the DOD CPI Guidebook.

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