Writing Interview Reports

Once you have completed your interviews, you will summarize the information you obtained in an Interview Summary Report. The report is a 1 -2 page Word document in which you summarize your interview and share your reactions to the interview experience.

Remember: You will need separate reports for each interview. Therefore, you should submit a total of two reports.

Your report should cover the following points:

  1. Details about the crime reporter (or representative) you interviewed. (Name, background, address and phone number at the organization; email address if available, etc.)
  2. What news organization the crime reporter represents.
  3. How or why you chose this crime reporter or agency.
  4. How the crime reporter works with the criminal justice system, Adjust details according to what assignment option you chose.
  5. Summary of information you gained in your interview/communication. (Include 3 or 4 direct quotes.)
  6. Your personal reactions and thoughts about the whole interview experience. What was the most interesting thing you learned? Did you learn anything that disturbed you or that you did not understand?
  7. Add a concluding thought. After completing the assignment did any of your opinions or beliefs change in regards to how crime stories are reported to us?

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