Dynamics of the Organization, management homework help


Please select a company upon which you wish to focus. It must be a large multinational corporation. Research the following components for the company. You will need to use the student library and internet for this project.

This is the information you will need to include in the paper described below:

1. Name of the company.

2. Background on the company (product, service, size of company, mission)

3. How is/was the company structured?

4. What is the management style for this organizational structure.

5. Pros and cons of the organizational structure.

6. Your opinion about the company based on your research of it.

7. Seek out an “investor’s analysis” of the current state of the company and using their review, write what you believe to be a fair, but accurate, analysis that you would use as a potential investor. (try marketwatch.com for investor articles)

The paper must meet the following requirements:

1. 3-4 pages

2. 12 pt. font, Times New Roman

3. Title page

4. Essay format

5. Use of APA headings (Use the 6 headings noted above)

6. At least 3 APA references cited in text and included in the references page.

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