Foreign aid

Why should countries give foreign aid? Why do they? You can bring in multiple issues here. You can tackle the question from moral, economic, political, or national security perspectives. Make a forceful argument and if possible back it up with some facts, logic, and references to other authors.

Make a forceful argument about whether or not countries should help others with aid. Be sure to cite sources properly. In your essay, please include the following

1. First, in about one paragraph explain the extent to which states receive (and give) aid to other states. Perhaps cite some facts and figures from the text or lecture (you might also look at sources like the World Bank)

2. Then, answer the question. Note how the question allows you to answer it from multiple dimensions (e.g. looking at donors and recipients; looking at it in terms of economics, national security, domestic politics, etc). Thus, you might consider approaching it using one paragraph each for a few different dimensions. To the extent possible use a logical argument but also consider using empirical evidence. Your text and lecture has some of that and should be included.

3. Include at least one source available via JSTOR or Google Scholar. Citing other scholars’ works is a good way to make an argument. A good way to locate articles: go to, click on “Resources & collections,” and then using the dropdown menu select “Databases,” and scroll down to Google Scholar. Click on that, and for search terms type in “foreign aid”, then next to that type in “debate.” This will identify articles that discuss international aid and they might give you really good ideas for your paper. You can also find a lot of web sources. The World Economic Forum posted some information that included a wide variety of sources. It can be found here: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. You can actually find a lot on this debate on the web. Doing a JSTOR search will also produce many sources. Use the same terms: “foreign aid” and “debate.”

3. Finally, summarize your argument and conclude the essay. If you are covering multiple dimensions, then you will have to find a way to bring them together for an overall picture. That may not be easy, but you try to figure out if one dimension (say the moral or economic or national security or whatever) is more important than the others. Alternatively, it may be that the evidence for one dimension in favor of aid is not as clear and/or convincing as the evidence on the opposing side, so you the basis of what we are most sure about to decide for or against.

4. Include a list of references. This does NOT count toward the 3 pages.

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